Current research projects

  Overview of EnAB 2 Department of Processing and Recycling

EnAB 2 – Energy-efficient exhaust air treatment 2: Increase the enegy efficiency in mechanical biological waste treatment plants (MBT)

  Overview of EnKoBio Department of Processing and Recycling

EnKoBio - Energy-efficient biological waste treatment by conditioning: Impacts of mechanical waste-conditioning on the energy efficiency in anaerobic biological waste treatment plants

  Teaser - EnReSS Department of Processing and Recycling (I.A.R.)

EnReSS - Energy Recovery from Sustainable Sources: Establishment of an international network on energy and secondary raw material production from sustainable sources

  Teaser - KlaRo Department of Processing and Recycling (I.A.R.)

KlaRo - Sieving of bottom ash: Development of an efficient classification of bottom ash for the utilization of metallic materials in the grain size range less than 10 mm

  Teaser - Markers CENTEXBEL

Markers for better Sorting towards Recycling: Development of an industry-oriented concept for the coding of textiles using markers

  Teaser - ReCoMet

ReCoMet - Research Cooperation Metal Recycling: Foundation of a Research Cooperation “Metal Recycling” between Germany and Slovakia

  plastic bottle Department of Processing and Recycling (I.A.R.)

WUR3 - Sustainable Packages: Study of the environmental impact of product packaging in the Netherlands

  Teaser - VERBUND.NRW IWARU, FH Münster

Fortschrittskolleg VERBUND.NRW: Increase in resource efficiency of construction composites

  NewMine Teaser Department of Processing and Recycling (I.A.R.)

NEW-MINE – EU Training Network for Resource Recovery Through Enhanced Landfill Mining