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Department of Processing and Recycling


Building: Bergbau (Geb. Nr. 1140)

Room: 029

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52062 Aachen


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Title Author(s)
Determining the composition of post-consumer flexible multilayer plastic packaging with near-infrared spectroscopy
Journal Article (2021)
Chen, Xiaozheng (Corresponding author)
Kroell, Nils
Wickel, Jan
Feil, Alexander Herbert
Determination of the composition of multilayer plastic packaging with NIR spectroscopy
Journal Article (2020)
Chen, Xiaozheng
Kroell, Nils
Feil, Alexander
Pretz, Thomas
Influences and consequences of mechanical delabelling on pet recycling
Journal Article (2019)
Küppers, Bastian (Corresponding author)
Chen, Xiaozheng
Seidler, Irina
Friedrich, Karl
Raulf, Karoline
Pretz, Thomas
Feil, Alexander
Pomberger, Roland
Vollprecht, Daniel
Detection and classification of heterogeneous materials as well as small particles using NIR-spectroscopy by validation of algorithms
Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings (2019)
Chen, Xiaozheng
Feil, Alexander (Corresponding author)
Integration of markers in textile products to improve the recyclability
Contribution to a conference proceedings (2018)
Chen, Xiaozheng (Corresponding author)
Schlüter, Tobias
Hollerbach, Laura
Pretz, Thomas
De Vrieze, Mike
Corneillie, Stijn
Coding system for recycling textiles
Journal Article (2018)
Schlüter, Tobias (Corresponding author)
Gries, Thomas
Vanneste, Myriam
De Vrieze, Mike
De Schrijver, Isabel
Corneillie, Stijn
Chen, Xiaozheng