Scientific profile of the Department of Processing and Recycling

The main areas of teaching and research of our department are in the fields of processing and recycling of solid waste. Our raw material laboratory and our technical lab are equipped with various aggregates in the areas of comminution, classification, sorting and analysis. It is possible to process separate or mixed waste streams in individual aggregates and in process chains, which can be constructed by a combination of different aggregates. This makes us one of Europe's leading professorships in applied research in the waste management sector.

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Material systems

Our understanding of materials and material systems is focused on anthropogenic sources that carry potentials of valuable material and are usually labeled as "waste". We have many years of experience in sampling and analysis of various material flows at various positions of process chains and especially in the mechanical processing.

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Process chain

Process chains are examined in detail, both in their entirety as well as in their individual process steps. We have many years of experience in process design, the development of processing solutions and the evaluation of feasibility.

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At the Department of Processing and Recycling, the modeling and assessment of processes is performed by transferring empirically collected data into mathematical models. The evaluation of individual processing steps or entire process chains is conducted based on theoretical approaches with realistic efficiencies.

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